Imane Elkhaldi, received the Prize for the Best scientific contribution on concretes at the Congrès Français de Génie Civil

Imane ELKHALDI was awarded the prize for research on concretes on May 25 2023, at the French Civil Engineering Congress, held at the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay.

Her research work was chosen as the best scientific contribution on concretes. This recognition, awarded by Laure REGNAUD and Pascal BODET, respectively Director and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Ecole Française du Béton, underlines the originality of the subject and results at a time of transition to building materials with a reduced carbon impact.

Proposing responsible concretes for the buildings of tomorrow

The work on this thesis was carried out at GeM, under the supervision of Professor and EDYCEM Chairholder Ahmed LOUKILI, and Professor Emmanuel ROZIERE, winner of the Prix de l’Association Française de Génie Civil in 2022. They are developing an indicator to characterize the carbon impact of decarbonated concretes based on CEM II/C and CEM VI, while taking into account their durability against corrosion.

The global approach adopted by Imane ELKHALDI considers the real function of concrete: its durability, characterized by the service life of the concrete coating. This indicator is fundamental in the current context of transition to low-carbon building materials, in response to the new environmental standard.

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