Laboratory organisation

GeM was founded in 2004 from the merger of 3 de la fusion de 3 existing laboratories : LGCNSN (Laboratoire de Génie Civil de Nantes Saint-Nazaire), LMM (Laboratoire de Mécanique et Matériaux) and LAMM (Laboratoire d’Applications des Matériaux à la Mécanique).

Under the supervision of CNRS, École Centrale de Nantes, Nantes Université, the laboratory gathers now, on Nantes and Saint-Nazaire sites, more than 230 people:

  • 80 researchers and academics
  • More than 90 PhD students and post-doctoral researchers
  • More than 40 technical and administrative staff


Laboratory council

17 members

  • Ex officio members :
    Ahmed Loukili, Director
    Ouali Amiri, Deputy director
    Marc François, Deputy drector
  • Elected members :
    Researchers and academic researchers
    Stéphanie Bonnet, Patrice Cartraud, Marion Girard, Baptiste Girault, Valentine Rey
    Engineers, technical and administrative staff
    Jean-Michel Lebrun, Xiaodong Liu, Marie-José Moya
    PhD students and post-doctoral researchers
    Tarek Mesto, Jinane Murr
  • Nominated members :
    David Gloaguen, Guillaume Racineux, Julien Réthoré, Franck Schoefs

Laboratory council role

The laboratory council is set up at the request of the CNRS (Comité National de Recherche Scientifique). It has a consultative role on all the following issues:

– status, program, coordination of research, composition of teams
– budgetary resources to be requested by the laboratory and distribution of those allocated to it
– policy of research contracts concerning the ulaboratory
– policy of technology transfer and dissemination of scientific information of the laboratory
– management of human resources
– policy of training through research
– consequences of the opinion formulated by the section(s) of the CNRS to which the laboratory belongs
– all measures relating to the organization and functioning of the laboratory and likely to have an impact on the situation and working conditions of the staff

The laboratory director may also consult or inform the council on any other matter concerning the laboratory.

In practice, the council also deals with the organization of laboratory events, the criteria for awarding grants for doctoral contracts, the functioning of the laboratory : budget, experimental and computing resources, etc.

Mise à jour le 3/10/2023

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