Emmanuel Rozière wins the 2022 AFGC (French Civil Engineering Association) prize

Award presented to Emmanuel Rozière by Emmanuel Ferrier

Emmanuel Rozière was awarded the AFGC 2022 Prize on May 3, 2023 by Emmanuel Ferrier, President of the Scientific Committee of the association.

The AFGC (Association Française de Génie Civil) prize is destined to reward one or more engineers or researchers for outstanding personal work in the scientific and technical field.

Emmanuel Rozière is professor at Centrale Nantes, and head of the Processes and Durability of Materials and Structures (DURPRO) research unit at GeM. His research focuses on the durability of construction materials, in particular on the behaviour of cementitious materials and durability.

The prize was awarded to 3 winners : Franziska Schmidt, Renaud Leconte and Emmanuel Rozière.

More information about AFGC prize

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