A look back at the 2023 ALERT Geomaterials Doctoral School

The 2023 ALERT Geomaterials Doctoral School, organised by Ioannis Stefanou (GeM) and Felix Darve (3SR), was dedicated to “Machine Learning in Geomechanics” and took place from September 28th to September 30th 2023.

A total of 170 students participated in the school, during which fundamental concepts of machine learning were taught, with a focus on regression, classification, artificial neural networks, reinforcement learning, data-driven solid mechanics, physics & thermodynamics-based machine learning, and constitutive modeling. Additionally, some examples of applications in geomechanics were presented.

Lecture notes (450 pages), presentations, and hands-on codes are available on ALERT Geomaterials GitHub repository and website:

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/alert-geomaterials/2023-doctoral-school/
Website: https://alertgeomaterials.eu/

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