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Séminaire – Ivana PARTRIDGE – “Manufacture and performance of tufted T-joints”

17 mai 2017 à 14 h 00


Le Pr Ivana PARTRIDGE, Bristol Composites Research Institute (ACCIS), University of Bristol, donnera un séminaire le 17 mai 2017 à 14h00 à Centrale Nantes sur le sujet suivant:


Manufacture and performance of tufted T-joints


Robotic tufting of dry fibre preforms can be considered to perform two distinct roles – stabilisation of complex dry preforms and through-the-thickness reinforcement of the final infused and cured article. This form of one-sided stitching has already been demonstrated to be very effective in increasing the damage tolerance of structural elements, such as T-joints. New research is being directed at investigating different thread types and the optimal placement of this selective reinforcement, both in terms of manufacturing effectiveness and of mechanical performance.

The talk will illustrate how the lessons-learnt from earlier work in Z-pinned composites are being used in determining an efficient strategy of experimentation and modelling to arrive at a design capability for such 3D composite structures.




Date :
17 mai 2017
Heure :
14 h 00
Catégorie d’Évènement:


ECN – Amphi B8
1 rue de la Noë
NANTES, 44000 France
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