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Séminaire – Dr Sushanta Kumar PANIGRAHI – Potential of Bulk Nano/Ultrafine GrainedMaterials

23 mai 2016 à 14 h 00


Le Dr Sushanta Kumar PANIGRAHI (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian institute of Technology Madras, Chennai) actuellement chercheur invité au GeM au sein de l’équipe MPTC, donnera un séminaire à l’Ecole Centrale de Nantes le 23 mai 2016 à 14h00.


Résumé de la présentation:

Potential of Bulk Nano/Ultrafine GrainedMaterials

Bulk nano/ultrafine grained (UFG) materials have emerged as a novel class of materials with unique properties such as high strength, good fatigue properties, better wear resistance. They are generally fabricated either by consolidating nano-crystals or by severe plastic deformation (SPD) methods out of which SPD methods have emerged to be more successful with better stability and control in the microstructure. Reduction in the grain sizes and high defect density of these materials lead to much higher strength compared with their coarse grained counterpart. Also, the low temperature and/or high strain-rate superplastic behaviour is exhibited by these nano/UFG materials because of the transformation in the deformation mechanism for dislocation induced slip to grain-boundary sliding. Because of these promising features there is a rising potential for the usage of these nano/UFG materials in various engineering structural applications. These materials also have their potential applicability in micro-manufacturing industries, bio-medical field, automobile and aerospace industries. Not limited to this, an ever-increasing demand for the lightweight materials with superior properties thrusts the researchers to explore more on the potential of these nano/UFG materials.



Date :
23 mai 2016
Heure :
14 h 00
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ECN – Salle T100
1 rue de la Noë
NANTES, 44300 France
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