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Séminaire – Izabela HAGER – “Assessment of Concrete Damage due to Fire Exposure”

28 septembre 2017 à 13 h 30


Izabela HAGER, Professeur à l’Ecole Polytechnique de Cracovie (Pologne), invitée au sein de l’équipe IEG du GeM,
donnera un séminaire le 28 septembre 2017 à 13h30 à l’IUT de Saint-Nazaire sur le sujet suivant:

Assessment of Concrete Damage due to Fire Exposure


  • Partie 1 : fonctionnement de l’Ecole Polytechnique de Cracovie (EPC)
  • Partie 2 : présentation scientifique

“Assessment of Concrete Damage due to Fire Exposure”

When concrete is heated under fire conditions, the increase of temperature of deeper layers of material is progressive, but because this process is slow, significant temperature gradients are produced between the surface and the core of the concrete member. As a result of concrete being exposed to heat and as a consequence of temperature gradients forming, degradation occurs, which is most frequently measured by determining changes in the compressive strength of concrete. The gradual degradation of concrete is the result of physico-chemical changes. As a consequence, the physical properties of concrete are subject to change density, porosity, colour, hardness, etc. Changes in these features form the basis for methods of assessing the condition of fire-damaged concrete. Diagnostic methods aim not just to assess the degree of material degradation caused by exposure to high temperatures, but also to determine the extent of the changes caused. Assessment of the condition of concrete structures after being exposed to fire, allow the determination of its residual mechanical properties as well as the depth of the damage and make it possible to decide on remedial action or steps aimed at reparation and reinforcing the concrete member in question.


Date :
28 septembre 2017
Heure :
13 h 30
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IUT Saint-Nazaire – Bât 17
58 Rue Michel Ange
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